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New PatientTrak Release Supports Operational Excellence

PatientTrak continues to support our customers’ operational excellence with a new “Categories” feature.  Survey and Review responses can be tagged and placed into user-defined categories based on a common theme (Wait Time, Bedside Manner, Communication, Scheduling, Front Desk Staff, etc.). 

This relates patient satisfactiondata back to clinical operations using terminology they understand and can take action on.  It helps identify areas for improvement.

PatientTrak takes great pride that our solutions support “measure to improve” over “measure to impress.”  As the leader in patient satisfaction solutions we help our customers with both operational and marketing solutions to improve their operational excellence and patient satisfaction.

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New patients can read more about your practice

Those medical practices that dohn’t make use of the healthcare reputation management software, don’t have a possibility to grow. This is because when new patients are searching online for a medical practice to go to, your practice will not show anywhere. Meaning that they are going to use another doctor.

Whit reviews, new patients will be able to read about your practice, and what other patients were thinking about the practice. Making sure that they are considering going to your practice. 

It allows you to communicate with your patients outside the practice

There isn’t time to talk to your patients about their experience at the practice when they are coming to see you. This is because they are not feeling well, and aren’t in the mood for chatting. And, you might have a full waiting room that is waiting to see you.

With the doctor online reputation management, you can communicate with them, when it suits you and the patients will know that you are taking their needs seriously. This…

Top 5 benefits of using doctor online reputation management

There are so many medical practices and other medical institutions that aren’t working with reviews. There are many different reasons why some doctors don’t believe in reviews. Or, they don’t see the importance of reviews, because they don’t really have a business that requires reviews.

There are so many reasons and benefits of using doctor online reputation management so that you can give management so that you can give your patients an opportunity to say what they think about the practice. If you are still wondering if this is the type of management that you should consider, you need to read these top 5 benefits of making use of patient reviews.

It assist with marketing your practice
Any business, even a medical practice or hospital needs to have some marketing done. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are getting new patients to your practice and to make the practice a success.

When you are using medical online reputation management tools, you are going to make su…

See the amount of patients that are satisfied and which patients aren’t satisfied

When you are installing and using the software, you are going to be able know which patients are really satisfied with the service and practice, and which patients are satisfied with the service. This will not only give you an indication on what you can do for improving patient flow, but it will also make sure that you are aware about the problems that the practice might have that are affecting the amount of new patients that are coming to the practice or hospital.

With using this software, you will have a clear indication about the amount of patients that are satisfied over the amount that aren’t satisfied. This is essential to know, especially if you don’t know why your practice doesn’t grow.

Know exactly what is going on at the medical institution, without being there for the first time ( patients)

The potential new patients will know what is going on at the medical institution, and if they can trust the institution without being there. This is something that more and more patients …

Improving patient flow with the best tracking tools

There are many benefits of using tracking tools to ensure that your practice or hospital is going to have more patients coming there. There are many medical institutions that are already making use of this software.

However, there are still some of the medical practices that don’t make use of these medical institutions, because you don’t know what they are going to get when investing money in patient flow software. There aren’t many information online, about what the practice or hospital is going to get from using the software. With these information, every doctor, medical practice and even hospitals will know why this is something that is recommended for every single medical practice for better patient flow.

Staying updated with technology and staying with your competition
When you are considering investing in the patient flow management software, you are going to make sure that you are staying updated with technology. In the world that we are living today, there are no room for any bu…

Let the practice see what patients are thinking about the practice and their service

One of the last benefits of having patient reviews of doctors, is it is going to give the medical team at the hospital or the medical practice a good idea what the patients are thinking about the institution and if they are recommending the practice to other people.

And, if there are negative reviews, it is going to give the practice or hospital the chance to change the things that aren’t great at the practice to improve the service or conditions and to ensure that patients are more satisfied and able to give positive reviews.  Having negative reviews isn’t always a bad thing. It will ensure that the doctor can improve the service or to let the doctors know what is going on behind their backs with their administrative personnel.

Making the choice easier

When moving to a new town or city, the one thing that many people are struggling with is to find a doctor and hospital that are going to be best for them.

With the doctor rating reviews, it is going to give the new citizens a chance to fi…

The importance of positive reviews

People don’t really consider the importance of positive reviews. It doesn’t matter if this is for a product that they are purchasing online or if this is for using a service like a doctor or healthcare institution. Reading reviews, are giving other people the reassurance that they have chosen the best possible practice or doctor to go to.

And, the only way that these healthcare institutions can get these reviews, is by making use of the physician online reputation management software. With this software in place, it will be much easier to find the practice on Google and to find out if the place is recommended or not by other patients.

When patients are leaving positive reviews, it is going to make it clear to other potential patients that they won’t regret using the hospital or medical practice. Without the software, this is something that will not be known online, and the practice will have a change of failing.

Will the software be beneficial to the practice?

The one question that man…