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Can you believe how this can actually change the medicine?

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How can we improve our health system with help of the Internet?

When you just think about this title a bit, you can easily come to a conclusion how there is literally nothing more important in your life than your health, right? Well, are we doing everything in our power to protect ourselves as patients? Can we do a little bit more about that? Of course that we can, and for that purpose, we have created this article. We want to inform you in the right way and to keep you focused on making your whole life better, and especially your health care. Health care is expensive, and no one can make me sure to believe in the opposite, yet people not stay satisfied with the health care they get. Are you satisfied with your doctor? How about the physicians? How have you chosen your health care provider in the first place? Have you asked your friend to recommend you one or what did you do? We suggest you to think about what will we told you here! It may literally save your life!

Improving Patient Satisfaction can be easily done online. How could that be even po…

Why Use Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

Open discourse with patients – let them know you are tuning in.

Pick up a more precise comprehension of the patient experience.

Advance educated basic leadership by picking up factually

solid information

Can be utilized to discover hone promoters and drive made strides

online surveys for destinations like Google, Healthgrades, Vitals,

RateMDs, others

Higher repayment from payors.

What We Offer 

PatientTrak's HIPAA agreeable overview benefit takes into consideration robotized same day patient and area studying, completely altered over all features for the two suppliers and areas. Utilizing our devices you can make custom patient fulfillment overviews or utilize your CG-CAHPS and HCAHPS study configurations to get profitable patient experience criticism for your association. Create extraordinary reviews by specialist, claim to fame, gathering, area or different factors and have them sent by means of email or instant message.


Overviews Dashboard – PatientTrak's anything…

Advocate Health Care Chooses PatientTrak for 56 Walgreens Locations

Advocate Health Care has chosen the PatientTrak patient sign-in and tracking software for its clinics located inside 56 Walgreens stores in the greater Chicago, IL area.

Advocate is named among the nation’s Top 5 large health systems based on quality by Truven Analytics and is the largest health system in Illinois. With more than 250 sites of care, 12 acute-care hospitals, 6,300 affiliated physicians and over 35,000 associates, Advocate is one of Chicagoland’s largest employers and is recognized as one of the Top 100 Workplaces to work in Chicago.

PatientTrak is providing Advocate with a suite of cloud-based solutions and reporting tailored to their staff and patient needs including:

Patient Tracking – PatientTrak provides visibility to patient flow and status while improving staff efficiency. Using the software, the clinic staff can view all patient activities, change queue priorities and communicate clinic status.

Kiosk – Patients use the kiosk to sign-in an…

Facilities That Track Patient Flow and Feedback Have Higher Patient Satisfaction

Leading health care facilities are leveraging technology to be more competitive, improve efficiency, drive patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

Improved patient flow, staff communication and patient feedback mechanisms are critical to increasing patient satisfaction, engagement, and maximizing reimbursement. Tracking the patient experience from door-to-discharge and post-visit through applications like PatientTrak visit flow and online reputation management software are key factors for patient acquisition and retention.

A study of PatientTrak data across all medical services, shows that the 1 factor in patient satisfaction is wait time.  Generally, the longer a patient waits for healthcare services the less satisfied they will be with those services.

PatientTrak’s HIPAA compliant patient tracking software gives providers and staff visibility into patient flow uncovering bottlenecks to decrease patient wait times, as well as capturing real-time feedback through fully automated same…

Patient testimonials and reviews are changing medicine in the right way!

There are numerous forums and websites on which people talk about their health conditions, about their experiences with different doctors and treatments, about physicians and so on. If you are a member of those websites (and I am pretty sure that you have read them at least for a few times in your life), then this topic will definitely interest you! Also, this topic needs to interest everyone! Why do I think that way? Because we are talking about health here! You know how all is lost once someone loses his or her health, right? Are you worried about your children? Do you often think about future and how will it end? We all do that, and yes, we can change it at least a bit. How? Find out!

Physician Transparency is very important for patient's trust. Besides that, it improves patient's satisfaction and improves the physicians too. How is that possible? There are numerous websites of different types of physicians over the Internet. They all want to be the best and to be on the to…

PatientTrak and Points Group Partner to Provide Enhanced Patient Satisfaction and Experience

Florham Park, NJ, May 21, 2018 – Points Group, a leading strategy, branding and marketing company that specializes in healthcare, and PatientTrak a leader in patient satisfaction solutions, have announced a partnership between the two companies. Together, they combine the superior software capabilities of PatientTrak with Points Group’s expertise in the areas of patient experience and marketing, to deliver unmatched services to their clients.

The partnership provides a variety of services that help clients in the healthcare industry implement the leading patient feedback software, while maximizing the impact by applying best practices for a highly improved patient experience. The services include software customization, patient experience audit, process improvement, patient satisfaction survey development, reputation management and employee customer service training.

“Our two companies create a perfect synergy. For many years, we’ve been focused on helping our clients to improve their …