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Bringing your healthcare facility into the 21st century requires management of patient flow and physician surveys

The modern healthcare facility can’t merely expect to keep doing what it’s always done. Modern day healthcare is becoming more and more complex. The areas and issues to manage can become overwhelming. That’s why it’s necessary to update your systems, including things like physician surveys will ensure you provide a better service to your patients. It gives them an opportunity to have their say and you will gain insights that you may have never even conceived. The other key area in modernizing your healthcare facility, is to assess and improve the management of patient flow.  How physician surveys work When it comes to improving transparency and giving the general public better choices, physician surveys play a vital role. They work as follows: Once a patient has completed their visit with a physician, they will be offered the opportunity to fill in a survey, rating the doctor on specific criteria. They will also be able to make comments.
Any results gathered will be confidentially and n…

Managing your reputation if you are a physician or member of the medical community

A modern healthcare facility must now consider itself to be a service provider, like any other business. The healthcare industry has grown more and more complex over the last few years and so too has the standard of service expected from patients. The patient now has access to more information than ever before, and therefore can pick and choose which doctor or healthcare facility they would like to visit. No longer relying on word of mouth, the patient is likely to go to the internet and carry out a search on Google to do their research. This is why every physician and service provider must manage their online reputation and look to improve the quality of service. How to look after physician online reputation management Every doctor has to be more accountable than ever. Not just in terms of providing health care, but as a service provider. Viewing the patient as a customer, a physician can increase their net worth by taking the following steps with regards to their physician online re…

New Tracking Board Released Today!

We are pleased to announce the release of a whole new Tracking Board user interface for PatientTrak Flow.  This release is the final step of our software modernization which started 12 months ago.  The new Tracking Board comes with a wealth of new features and benefits.

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Physicians and doctors take note - reviews, surveys and transparency are more essential than ever

Today we are seeing a trend of greater transparency in healthcare. And this is a good thing. Patients feel more assured than ever and make better-informed choices. The emphasis is on doctors and healthcare providers to treat a patient respectfully and professionally at all times, which is the same way any business would be expected to treat its customers.

Understanding physician Transparency

While physician transparency is important, we have to understand a few issues. In order to be truly transparent, it’s important:
All comments get published and every rating counts towards the average overall ratingAn unbiased and independent site should be hosting any online comments to make sure that the most flattering reviews aren’t handpicked and highlighted, while the less desirable ones left outAllowing the physician to respond to comments allows them to have “their say” in the matter and give context The exception is that unfit comments should rightfully be excluded. Especially if …

How do patient satisfaction surveys and online reputation management play a role in the healthcare industry?

The patient now has more choice than ever. Access to knowledge and unbiased opinions is instantaneous. For anyone providing a service, reputation management is essential. And if you’re a provider of healthcare, it is no different. If an individual seeks the online reviews of others before choosing a restaurant to eat in, why would they be any less diligent when it comes to something as important as their health, or their family’s health?

What’s important when it comes to a healthcare patient satisfaction survey
After visiting a health care provider a patient can have the opportunity of filling in a healthcare patient satisfaction survey. The following are important: The patient must be able to carry it out confidentially, to ensure the survey is filled out openly and honestly.
It’s preferable that the survey takes place relatively soon after the conclusion of the patient’s visit to ensure the experience is fresh in the memory and anything important wouldn’t have been forgotten.
The result…

Physician Review Management Program

Comprehend who is stating what was utilizing our checking administration that spreads high volume understanding review destinations including Vitals, HealthGrades, RateMD’s, Google, YP, Yelp, And Manta. Specialist notoriety management is a key component of present-day social insurance showcasing.

PatientTrak robotizes the accumulation and show of the majority of your physician’s and area reviews including stars and remarks from these locales once a day. PatientTrak is a basic apparatus for any physician review management program. Dealing with your online reviews and understanding your online nearness is simple with PatientTrak. Organize and react to negative editorial while advancing positive criticism and transforming fulfilled patients into brand champions. Resource By: