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Why Use Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

Open dialog with patients – let them know you are listening.


Surveys Dashboard – PatientTrak’s easy-to-use dashboards gift your patient feedback victimization intuitive charts and graphs.

Alerts – Set-up email alerts to be notified once low ratings or reviews are denote.

Reviews/Survey Comparison – PatientTrak conjointly provides a period data scrutiny your on-line reviews along with your internal patient satisfaction survey results supplying you with a a lot of complete image of your patient feedback.

Doctor surveys: How to handle negative comments

Positive reviews are really important. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Remember, that a medical institution is a business as well, and comments and reviews are important as well. But, what is happening when you are getting negative comments and feedback? You need to know what the best way is to handle negative comments as well.

For most people, doctor surveys are a great and positive way to get new patients. However, getting negative comments can make it harder. This is why every doctor should know how to handle negative comments. This is the only way to ensure that you are reacting correctly and still get the most out of the online surveys. Here are some tips about how you can handle negative comments online.

Why are negative comments really bad for a medical institution?

If you know why negative comments from physician transparency software, you will understand why you need to react to negative comments the right way. What is the best way and what is the worst thin…

Ways to inspire patients to leave positive patient satisfaction surveys

Having a medical practice or clinic is just a normal business that needs to get positive feedback before you can make a success of your business. There are different ways that you can get positive feedback. However, because there are many doctors that don’t know how to get positive feedback, they are struggling to make a success out of their businesses.
This is why you should know the different ways to inspire patients to leave positive patient satisfaction surveys. This is so that you can know for sure that you are going to have positive feedback that will get new patients to your medical institution. These are some of the ways that you can make sure that your patients are going to leave positive feedback on the online surveys.

Facts about online surveys that you need to know first
Before you can know about how you can inspire your patients to leave positive feedback, at the patient survey companies that you are making use of, you need to know some facts about online sur…

91% Feel Patient Experience is Extremely/Very Important to Them

The 2018 Beryl Institute Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience study engaged 2000 respondents across four continents.

91% of consumers confirm patient experience is extremely/very important to them overall and is significant to the healthcare decisions they will make.

All of PatientTrak’s solutions help our customers measure and improve the patient experience.

Source: 2018 The Beryl Institute – Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2018

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Electronic Medical Record,Electronic health record & Health Level 7

PatientTrak has been integrated with dozens of healthcare information systems including all of the leading systems noted here:

PatientTrak’s industry leading patient visibility and communication platform is also HL7 compliant for advanced system interoperability.

PatientTrak can provide an HL7 interface to your:

ADT system

Scheduling system


Other practice management systems

Patient Schedule – The most common integration between PatientTrak and other EMR, practice management and healthcare information systems is the daily patient schedule. PatientTrak can import a patient schedule using HL7 or a comma delineated format from outside information systems and use this to create an appointment listing.  This integration saves users considerable time by avoiding re-entry of patient information. It normally only takes a few hours during the initial configuration to get this connectivity in place.

Integration and Connectivity – PatientTrak is a robust information platform that can b…

Improving patient flow: This is really possible

One thing that people and patients hate, is when a waiting room is packed and you need to wait for hours before you are getting treatment. We think that this is normal and that the institution or medical practice can’t really do anything about it.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that we are making. There is a way that these institutions are able to improve patient flow. This will make the waiting in the waiting room so much better if they are all just really consider this possibility. These are all the information that you need to know about patient flow and how it can be improved.

First of all: What is patient flow?

For those that don’t know, patient flow is the number of patients that are getting into and out of the medical institution. This can be a practice, a hospital or clinic.

We want to have a good patient flow because then people won’t wait as long as normal to see a doctor or to get medical treatment. With patient flow analysis, it will be easy to see what your practice pa…