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Patient Experience 5X

A new study focused on healthcare systems shows that patient experience is five times more likely to influence brand loyalty than other marketing strategies. PatientTrak is focused on helping healthcare providers measure, monitor and improve the patient experience. Please Contact Us for more information. Resource By:

Physician Review Management

physician review management – Understand who is saying what we’re using our monitoring service that covers high volume patient review sites including Google, HealthGrades, Vitals, WebMD, RateMD’s, YP, and Yelp. Doctor/provider reputation management is a key element of modern healthcare marketing.
Respond to reviews directly from our platform and even assign tasks to your team or practice managers for service recovery management and easy reporting. For more information please visit My Site:

Healthcare Online Reputation Management

PatientTrak provides detail physician’s, patient’s reviews and ratings of doctors, It builds Online healthcare reputation management. These ratings and reviews leverage patients to make more informed decisions when choosing a medical healthcare facility.

For more information please visit my website:

PatientTrak – Dashboard Analytics

As the leader in patient flow and visibility solutions, PatientTrak offers a complete, real-time dashboard analytics tool so you can monitor your operations at a high level and keep key metrics in focus.

PatientTrak has over 25 built-in reports to help you measure and understand your patient flow and operations. The dashboard analytic tools take these reports and create another layer of information helping you to monitor and improve your patient experience. Resource By:

Appointment Reminders

“No show” patients disrupt your operations and cost you money. PatientTrak’s Appointment Reminder solution allows you to bring in your schedule and send automated text message appointment reminders to reduce “no-shows” and increase revenue.

Using PatientTrak you can create an unlimited number of messaging campaigns and send messages to specific patient groups. Include Appointment Date, Time, Type, and Doctor in the patient message for additional clarity. 94% of 29-64 year-olds use a mobile phone. 90% of all text messages are viewed within three minutes. There is no other communication method that even comes close to engaging more people than text messaging. Patients appreciate text reminders and they increase their engagement in the healthcare process. Replace telephone calls with more effective texting that saves significant staff time. Resource By:

Doctor online reputation management

It’s very important, if you’re a healthcare provider, to fully take control of your doctor online reputation management. Did you know that around 37% of individuals will avoid doctors due to negative reviews? That being said, the key to ensure any adverse feedback is addressed as quickly as possible. First off, it’s important to have ‘your say’. Many platforms will allow you to write a reply so that readers can see there is always two sides to any story. The other significant step is to address the bad review with the doctor, to ensure there won’t be any further problems with future patients.